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Kacamata Pelindung Ultra Violet-CIG Safety Glass Mahi-Mahi Clear

Short Description

Kacamata safety CIG Safety Glass Mahi - Mahi Clear dengan keunggulan lensa anti Ultra Violet (UV), pandangan jernih karena menggunakan lensa yang jernih  dan anti gores.

Rp 22.000

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Jual kacamata safety CIG Safety Glass Mahi-Mahi Clear dengan keunggulan Ultra Violet, pandangan jernih karena menggunakan lensa yang jernih, kuat  dan anti gores.

  • Pandangan yang jernih
  • Sangat ringan
  • Di lengkapi dengan Ultra Violet (UV) protection
  • Anti gores


CIG has a vision to be the leading PPE supplier in the market providing internationally approved products that will improve health, safety and the environment in the workplace. We are fully commited to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations by providing high quality products and services that will result in long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.


Nama Produk : CIG Safety Glass Mahi-Mahi Clear
Bahan : lensa single piece menyesuaikan bentuk
Lapisan : Dilapisi dengan anti scretch
Tersedia : Dengan pelapis anti fog